ELLI gives our Learning Journey a starting point, a purpose and a language.

Talking of language, we have used very simple descriptive definitions of the 7 dimensions and the behaviours most commonly found at the positive and negative poles of each dimension’s spectrum. Your profile will have placed your present circumstances and behaviours at a point on each spectrum.

However, why not have some fun and develop your own language to illustrate your understanding of the characteristics of each dimension? This will not only add colour and character to your Learning Journey but give it special meaning.

Already, learners have adopted characters from The Simpsons, nominated appropriate wild animals, used dog and cat breeds and identified individuals from among their families and friends to overlay our terminology and language.

Organisations seeking to develop a learning culture have identified with those companies and leading brands that they aspire to and wish to emulate.

Icons from ‘Learner Languages’ in use:


BUT businesses choose an extremely wide selection of those to whom they aspire, sometimes from their own market sector, sometimes from leading household brands …


ELLI's 7 Dimensions

More than 100,000 people have taken the ELLI journey. Such is ELLI’s credibility and versatility that it is widely adopted among organisations of all sizes across the private, public and voluntary sectors.