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Each of us has our own unique Learning Power which not only determines how we learn but is governed by our motivations, our mind-set and the changing circumstances of our immediate environment. So, our power to learn can evolve through time as our responses across the 7 critical dimensions of Learning Power move to reflect our state of mind at the point of assessment.

Each participant’s Learning Power Profile captures a relative strength or weakness in each dimension and expresses them collectively in a simple spider graph. This graphic representation then becomes the starting point for the learner’s journey towards improved performance, offering direction for the choice of ways of working, of learning method and of learning interventions.

ELLI is the name we give to this Learning Power assessment tool. ELLI has already revolutionised the life chances of many people from many walks of life globally, whether underperforming students, serial offenders seeking an alternative lifestyle, Aborigine communities engaging with 21st century culture or companies detailing Learning Power requirements from the Boardroom through to intern recruitment.

  Pathfinder Profile 8

Graduate trainee within a mutinational Corporate. Second profile taken after 6 months of induction/bespoke training Trainees were inducted through peer ‘buddying’ and training supervised ’on the job’. However, this trainee was subsequently found to be most responsive if left to trust his own judgement. He was quick to put his observations into practice. His creativity gained the confidence of his work team as a ‘critical friend’ and he was soon responsible for improved productivity and product quality. His manager had recognised his attributes by monthly conversations with the work team.

ELLI is an acronym and represents the 7 dimensions of the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory.

We are inviting you to capture an adult experience illustrating any one of the 7 dimensions summarised below in a video of between 30 seconds and 3 minutes using real life, animation, cartoon or a combination of all three.

Changing through Learning requires intuitively using new knowledge purposefully rather than being stuck in a rut or disinterested and resistant to change; a high score in Critical Curiosity reflects a natural urge to get to the root cause of an issue with a low score indicating passivity or a ready acceptance of received wisdom; strength in Creativity finds a risk-taker, thinking and acting ‘outside the box’ as opposed to finding it more comfortable to abide by the rules. Researchers and scientists are what we describe as Meaning Makers, being in the business of combining previous and new knowledge to create new ideas and concepts. Others treating them as independent fragments of data. Strong Strategic Awareness indicates a confidence in personal direction and is opportunistic, the antithesis of robotic or preoccupied with detail. Positive Learning Relationships indicate a versatility either to work with others or learn alone, naturally isolated or totally dependent on others lies at the negative pole. The Resilience dimension records personal strength when the going gets tough, either constantly seeking new challenges or giving up easily, escaping to the known.

Pathways to Learning Introduces ELLI (398 downloads)

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