What does the future hold for you and your organisation?

Whoever we are … ‘breaking through old habits of thinking and doing to uncover fresh and sustainable solutions to perennial problems consumes us! Words are easy, the challenge is to turn them into recognisable action’   Harvard Business Review


WHY BOTHER? Before you decide … DID YOU KNOW?

Research carried out by Manchester Business School and Northwestern University, Evanston, USA, among 230 companies from larger corporates to SMEs found that:

  • Employee Lifetime Value (ELV) has such a direct bearing on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) that they are likely to equal one another;
  • 72% of employees recognise poor business practice whilst their managers remain unaware … the Iceberg of Ignorance;
  • 40% of the potential return on promotional spend is lost when the prospective customer comes face to face with the organisation;

68% of those who do buy do not return because of the way they are treated.



Change is never easy and sustaining it more difficult than

setting out on the journey in the first place …

  • If a serial burglar can put a business plan together, start a company, trade honestly and provide employment in the community he once targeted. What have you to fear?

If the young people who have, with the help of the Prince’s Trust, turned their lives around. All of us have the capacity to be what we dream to be.

Managing Change

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses that characterise an individual’s Learning Power hold the key to providing the learner with an action agenda.