Learning is learnable!
We have proved beyond doubt that with ELLI’s earning profile as the starting point to direct training interventions, learning strengths can be used to strengthen learning weaknesses. Change is measured by further profiling

Contrary to the perception of many, learning is not restricted to the classroom, to formal education or to books and the web. Whether we recognize it or not it punctuates our daily lives. It dictates our habits and behaviors and controls our relationships.

So, being prepared to benefit from new knowledge and add it to what we already know will allow us to change the ways in which we react, to gain confidence and to improve our performance socially, mentally and physically.

What is more … the nature of the environments in which we find ourselves at home, socially and in the workplace will influence our Learning Power as we move from one to the other. It is also sensitive to any discomforts or distractions caused by arguments or conflict that may be preoccupying us.

Learning Power, therefore, changes according to how we feel about where we are, can be cultivated through time and is responsive to our willingness to learn, to our understanding of our learning strengths and weaknesses and to our mind-set. But, it is dynamic and gives us to the opportunity to manage the habits and behaviors that conspire to create the character that we are, that others see and experience.


Learning is a partnership between us and those around us. It adds new knowledge to what we already know, or have experienced, to enable us to respond positively to change. However, ELLI, Learning Power’s assessment instrument, is also diagnostic and profiles our ‘learning energy’ and propensity for change. There is no hiding place! If ELLI is to kick-start our ‘learning journey’ it will require a commitment to ‘welcoming difference’ and a preparedness to capitalise on our strengths whilst making good those weaknesses that are undermining our confidence and detracting from our performance


Every organisation’s employee team is unique and together, its members might be described as that organisation’s underlying DNA. However, all too few organisations list Learning among those factors that they deem critical to their success. Further, if Goodwill is the measure of customer satisfaction, should not Learning Power be the measure of the competitiveness of the staff team? Market advantage is always challenging to obtain and sustain but the achievement of market opportunity inevitably lies in the hands of a workforce with the appropriate skills and knowledge.

Board Learning Mind-set

Market Opportunity Business Plan

Cultivating Employee Lifetime Value

  • Strategic Imperatives
  • Learning Audit
  • Revised Internal Communications
  • Management Mobilised
  • Action Learning & Development Plan
  • Customer Audit


Change permeates the fabric of every organization, be it large or small. People welcome it. People resist it. Why will one organization succeed in learning the lessons of their past misdemeanors to embrace the opportunities of the present and future … whilst another fails? Do brand images, perceptions and values need to be unwittingly undermined and eroded every day by insensitive, unschooled and ill-informed behavior?

Few organizations with a commitment to ‘total quality’ have forged an indelible link between customer satisfaction and employee motivation, learning and development and the propensity for change upon which total quality depends. The customer, whatever their purpose, is both judge and jury and the final arbiter is the contribution that they make to service and profit performance that creates stakeholder value.

It can be argued strenuously that to employ the instruments, tools and pathways that are Learning Power provides a robust platform for the delivery of sustained competitiveness.

LEARNING TO LEARN is learnable!

No longer is the learner ‘hide-bound’ by the trait-casting and pigeon-holing of psychometrics. You can start your Learning Journey today.