Assessment of learning proficiency is no longer a matter of judgement. It can be measured and tracked using the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory, known affectionately as ELLI.

Validated among 100,000 people globally by assessing people from all walks of life and of all ages, it is the work of academic research teams at the University of Bristol, UK, and Penn State University, USA.


ELLI is simple to understand, to nurture and to manage with 7 instantly recognizable building blocks, each with its own learning habits and behaviors.

ELLI establishes ‘Learning Power’ by producing a Spidergraphic created from the answers to an on-line questionnaire. It is used across business and government to tackle such as underperformance, training efficiency, candidate selection, welding individual stars into teams and most importantly, create and manage culture change.


The Learner Audit

a sample profile and why you can trust it?

  • It has been validated both academically and operationally over 20 years, masterminded by
  • ELLI research into learning assessment;
  •  does not typecast as many psychometrics do but is responsive, dynamic, invites change;
  • The Spidergraphic depicts the strength or weakness of each dimension and this picture of learning proficiency is known as Learning Power;
  • ELLI ’s methodologies build on strengths to support weaknesses;
  • ELLI has created a language for learning.


A later profile depicting proficiency post-intervention

  • Improved Learning Power is essential to driving change in business performance;
  • It provokes culture change and found to turn fights for survival into profitable growth;
  • Learning to learn is a ‘Critical Success Factor’ within every realisable strategic business plan;
  • ELLI has enabled civil servants facing redundancy to identify their marketability;
  • ELLI forges teamwork among NHS clinicians;
  • ELLI prompts re-discovery of life chances.

Managing Change

Towards a National Quality Standard

        we are committed to pursuit of a national quality framework … we have created one for schools and a business version is in preparation. We do, however, recommend the 12 guiding principles applied to schools for all audiences

‘Learning is the eye of the mind’ Does your organisation have a lifelong learning mind-set?