BUT … you are not alone because in reality the events of the past couple of years have been felt by all of us and created a learning journey from which none of us can escape.

We have found, for ourselves, that learning may have begun at home and at school but with the COVID pandemic, climate change and humanitarian crises brought about by political unrest, we have all been drawn into a learning curve from which there is no escape.

So, whilst ELLI may be helping us to learn more productively, our responses are driven in the world of the present not only by changes in our personal circumstances but also by issues far beyond our immediate jurisdiction.

WE NOW HAVE NEW CHOICES … with the opportunity to introduce the concept of learning and learning power to those finding today’s world a serious challenge to their mental and physical fitness.


  1. ELLI … ELLI enables you not only to improve your own personal Learning Power and to match your own strengths and weaknesses to your personal situation but also to share your experience with family and friends.
  2. TEACHING TOOLS … whilst the thoughts and ideas here are directed towards you as a solo learner we have also included some sections that have been designed for teachers but from which you can also take ideas.
  3. LEARNING AND HUMAN CAPITAL … we have included a presentation and storyboard in the section that follows that will provide you with an overview of the power of learning and the many and varied communities to whom it has made a material difference.
  4. LEARNING JOURNEYS … a sample of those individuals whose learning journeys have changed their way of life.
  5. CORPORATE CASES … a bird’s eye view of the effect that Learning and Personal Development is having within those commercial enterprises who have adopted a learning culture.