3.5 Join the Innovation Generation!

Who are the Innovation Generation? … those teachers, schools and colleges embracing Learning to Learn alongside the conventional subject matter of the curriculum.

Why Learning to Learn? … because it is the new 2020s educational mantra when the ability to learn, and fast, is the essential attribute to fit emerging generations for global citizenship in a world without precedent

Why has citizenship become ‘global’? … because life’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are no longer a given. Inequalities driven by climate change, environmental and humanitarian disaster, economic and political upheaval, poverty and inaccess to natural resources abound. None of us are now exempt,


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‘Learning is the eye of the mind’

In these days of uncertainty, change is unpredictable but inevitable. Offering every citizen of this newly fashioned world the opportunity to create a lifelong learning mind-set is our endeavour. Lifelong learning has become the critical success factor underpinning economic and social performance and productive global citizenship .