Elli is your personal SatNav!

ELLI brings you the opportunity to direct and manage your growth as a person by assessing your Learning Power and directing and managing your progress. But, more than that, ELLI does not ‘pigeon-hole’ you for life, it partners you as you embark on a purposeful Learning Journey upon which to build your future marketability and performance.

ELLI is the ultimate driver of change, the key to your success and happiness domestically, socially and economically.

Want to know where to begin? Just complete the on-line questionnaire and you will have created a simple picture of your power to learn.

Learning Power is important because it unlocks who we are, what we can do and how best we can capitalise on our knowledge and experience.

Global research among more than 100,000 people tells us that there are 7 distinctive dimensions to Learning Power.

Do you think you already have a handle on your power to learn? If so, why not begin by mapping your present performance as a learner against each of the 7 dimensions? Then, match your perception against ELLI’s reality check!

My perceived Learning Power

We have divided this spider graph outline into 10% quadrants, zero at the centre and 100% if you reach the outer rim. Plot your Learning Power as you believe it to be under each dimension. When you receive you ELLI spider graph it will give you detail of the traits we have come to expect as we near the positive and negative poles in each case.

To help you here … Critical Curiosity is about not accepting received wisdom and remember that Strategic Awareness is about you and your personal direction, not you as a strategist!

What Is ELLI?

ELLI is the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory and not only does the inventory assess Learning Power but takes the learner on an improvement journey, regularly benchmarking their progress.