Road Map

Every school is different. Its ‘DNA’ is the product of its unique school community, its leadership, its teaching and support staff and its students. This means that it will have very different challenges and plans for the future from its peers, even those who may serve the same, or a similar, student catchment.

Nonetheless, if a school has not tended to approach the process of learning as a student’s life skill, it will generally appreciate access to a framework within which it can begin to address how each of its students learns and enable each to take ownership of their learning. Learning is a lifelong endeavor and stays with us from cradle to grave. It is the platform upon which responsible citizenship is built. Schools as learning organizations can provide an environment in which students are free to discover themselves and gain the confidence to manage those 7 interdependent proficiencies that characterize lifelong learners.

A Learning Quality Framework

The framework illustrated here is the product of decades of observation and development

 work by teachers committed to creating lifelong learners, the responsible citizens upon whom our future depends.

Its purpose is to provide guidance to schools towards delivering outstanding learning, leading to

  • The fashioning of independent lifelong learners who achieve to their capability and are prepared for the challenges of 21st Century living;
  • Inspirational teaching that expands the capacities of young people and their appetite for learning;
  • Development of a collaborative learning culture that supports experimentation and encourages personal responsibility.

The Building Blocks

The framework that we are introducing to you here is intended to capture the magic of the learning environment and the positive spirit that a learning school enjoys. The framework provides the platform upon which both staff and students work together to become better learners.

We demonstrate that the learning school does not happen by chance and there is no quick fix. Our guide to the various stages of learning attainment  is sufficiently detailed to enable schools to manage their own progress. Each will have a different starting point but all need to be driven by an unconditional aspiration that will provide the resilience to maintain a learning journey over the long term.

The learning school aspires to

  • Build the mental, emotional and social resources in its young people to equip them to cope with life’s uncertainties and complexities;
  • Display the vibrancy, dynamics, and confidence that characterize learning organizations;
  • Use its qualities as a learning organization to create responsible citizens who exhibit leadership and embrace change;

Become recognized as an educational pathfinder

‘Route map’ for a Learning Journey

The panel of teachers and educational researchers, thinkers and influencers who have been instrumental in creating this Learning Quality Framework have put a ‘Standard’ at its heart. This Standard blends the characteristics displayed by learning organizations with our increasing knowledge of how people learn.

The Standard does not tie a school to a single pathway as it embarks on its learning journey but our methodology is uncompromising when drilling into the learning sciences to nurture lifelong learning behaviors. In short, innovation will thrive and performance improvement will be sustained.

Go to www.learningqualityframework.com

where you will find a more detailed explanation of the framework’s accreditation procedure.


We have developed a simple process that will enable every school, whatever its circumstances,  to take a first step on the ladder to creating a quality learning environment …. you can

  1. Create an ‘ELLI’ pilot program to assess the Learning Power of a trial group or class remembering that ELLI will direct interventions for improvement and track consequential changes in performance for you; AND
  2. Visit learningqualityframework.com where you will find an introduction to our ‘learning road map’ for schools.